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Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax preparation can be intimidating, and mistakes can be costly. With the tax laws changing annually even simple returns can be confusing so why not have a team of professionals who deal with the changing tax landscape on a daily basis prepare your returns. Let us use our expertise to help you recapture the lost time you’ve committed to preparing your returns. Your time is valuable and we know you want to spend it wisely. With the experienced CPAs and professionals at Neal Bradsher & Taylor, PA, you can be confident that your tax filings will be accurate and will minimize your tax exposure. We have decades of experience in tax preparation, and we make sure that all of your legal requirements are met in a timely manner. Our quality control systems are designed to ensure that errors are eliminated and that any complex issues are analyzed and researched. So no matter whether you are a corporation, partnership or individual, Neal, Bradsher & Taylor,PA has the experience to provide you peace of mind……and extra time.

You can also benefit from our tax planning services. Tax laws change rapidly, but we stay on top of state and federal regulations to ensure that our clients are making the best financial decisions for their families and organizations. We navigate through the regulatory jargon to provide solutions that you can understand and act upon to put you and your company in a better financial position going forward.

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