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Forensic Accounting

Fraud is a frequent topic in our headlines in the current business environment and many times only the largest and most interesting cases are actually reported to the general public. However, fraud is alive and well in many businesses and non-profits in our area also. Fraud has a damaging effect on the bottom line of any organization that has been victimized so it is imperative that organizations take meaningful steps to prevent fraud.

Neal, Bradsher & Taylor, PA has decades of experience in helping organizations design and implement internal control systems to reduce the opportunity for fraud. Properly implemented internal controls are the most effective deterrent in preventing fraud. These controls are developed to protect the employee and the employer.

Internal controls can never eliminate all fraud so at times there is a need for a forensic investigation to determine how deep and widespread fraudulent activity exists within an organization. This will require an unbiased and objective investigation to determine the facts of the case. Neal, Bradsher & Taylor, PA has performed numerous investigations of fraud in organizations and has provided expert witness testimony in courts of law.

In most cases fraudulent activity is discovered accidently so if you think there is something suspect in your organization then please contact us for a consultation. Our experience will allow you to determine what your next steps should be.

Please call us to discuss your forensic accounting needs, or send us an email explaining the situation. You can also start a conversation through our online form.

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