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Audit and Attestation Services

Neal, Bradsher & Taylor, PA provides multiple types of audit and attestation services. We provide services to a wide range of clients including non-profit organizations, construction companies, homeowner’s associations, small businesses and individuals. The most common of these services are audits, reviews and compilations.


The highest level of assurance is an audit. An audit is a methodical and objective examination of an organization’s financial statements including an assessment of the internal controls in place. Audit engagements require us to issue an opinion regarding the financial statements.


A review engagement is less extensive than an audit and provides limited assurance regarding an organization’s financial statements. A review consists primarily of analytical procedures as well as various inquiries made of the organization’s management team. For some engagements, additional procedures may be necessary if information is found to be questionable. Internal controls are not assessed for review engagements.


A compilation engagement provides no assurance and expresses no opinion regarding an organization’s financial statements. In performing a compilation we rely on our knowledge of accounting principles and a general understanding of your business and industry.

Each type of financial statement report may satisfy certain requirements depending on the nature and purpose of the report. For example, a bank may require an audited financial statement to make sure that loan covenants are being followed and in other cases a reviewed financial statement may be adequate. Each situation is unique and we will be happy to assist you in determining which service is appropriate for you.

If you call us at our Raleigh or Durham offices, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and which services can help you best meet them. You can also email us or submit your information through our online contact form and we’ll get in contact with you quickly!

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